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How to be a Bawse!

Struggling to get the most out of work? The answer is simple. Get focused and stay creative!

Entrepreneurs and companies small and large are looking at many options to motivate, retain and ultimately engage themselves and their teams. The average employee in North America is less than 50% engaged with their job. That’s why successful entrepreneurs need to look long and hard and their processes.

I would suggest following these 10 steps...starting now!

Make sure your company mission (purpose) is crystal clear.

  1. Identify the 3-5 most important goals that will allow you to achieve the mission.

  2. Create actions around those goals with specific timelines.


  4. Roundtable possible obstacles that you will face WITH YOUR TEAM.

  5. Develop and agree on strategies to overcome obstacles WITH YOUR TEAM.

  6. Continue to monitor and discuss the advancement of your Goals WITH YOUR TEAM.

  7. Monitor and Manage the Engagement Levels of your Team Members.

  8. Make it your personal mission to keep engagement up.

  9. Get Creative!

You can’t manage what you can’t measure. Committing to constant improvement is the part that most successful entrepreneurs are missing!

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