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Beware of The Recent Marketing Grad

Crushing creativity and a work life balance that’s next level: enter your typical young marketer. I know I’m courting controversy but I don’t think they should single handedly be running your next big marketing campaign.

Shut the front door! You mean being on Instagram all day isn’t going to do the trick to grow my business? Nope. It’s not.

Now please don’t mistake my comments as a bias against hiring recent grads to work in your company. They bring a lot to the table and I always like to have a healthy mix of experience, youth and education on my teams.

My point is that many businesses want growth, however, most of them underestimate the impact of mis-executing the growth strategy which is often summed up as marketing. Don’t do that. Get the right plan and the right people in place to ensure you realize your goals.

  1. Develop a concise, professional, research based marketing strategy that has easy to execute deliverables.

  2. Select an experienced team to get things done. A mix of contractors, an external marketing company or research associate for example, plus new hires if possible, with clearly defined roles and responsibilities.

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